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Which are the economic resources of the city?


the characteristics of the soil and climate means the yield is excellent. Livestock farming involves cattle and pork raising. In relation to these, there are other activities developed, such as: cereal drying, seed provision, veterinary advice, among others.


Since its origins, the city has had a strong industrial activity, with a predominance of the furniture factory. Nowadays, the industrial activity is heading towards a process of productive diversification, where the recovery of metallurgical industries, manufacturing of crystal objects, wooden furniture, clothing and shoe factories, agrochemicals, vehicles for loading, car lights, rural electrification, milling and lawnmowers. The city has located different types of industries in a land of 40 has situated on national road nº 9 and pro vincial road nº 91 entrance to the new rosario-cordoba motorway.

Trades and services:

Over the last decades our town has become an administrative and commercial regional centre. Apart from being headquarters for many offices and national and provincial organizations, it also offers a wide range of medical care services, a complete education spectrum-technical, tertiary and university level- and a diversified financial system including banks, friendly societies and finance companies. After the crisis of the years 2001 - 2002, trade registered a favourable upturn: the new shops, the modernization and the expansion of services have played a vital role for our town to become a regional shopping area. Among the most important categories, we can mention household goods, furniture factories, supermarkets, clothing, etc. Cañada de gomez holds an irresistible attraction during the weekends because of its restaurants, bars and discos. It also offers a wide range of cultural, musical and theatre performances in the different halls of the city.