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Where are we?

Cañada de Gómez is located in a region called "pampeana". The word "pampas" has a quechuan origin and it means "flat surface". La pampa is a large plain with few trees. It is situated in the central area of Argentina, rising slightly from the atlantic ocean to the andes, separated by steppes and flat waterless stretches of land. It is the most important farming section of the country. The town is placed between the 32nd and 33rd parallels and the 61st and 62nd meridians, at an altitude of 82.92 metres above the sea level. Cañada de gomez, head of district iriondo, is situated in the province of Santa Fe. It is 70 kilometres away from the city of rosario, km 375, state road 9 (pan-american highway). The road infrastructure allows the easy and fast moving to the most important urban centres of the province and the country.

Physical features:

Total Area: 51.874,91 Ha.
Urban area: 18 km.
Population:approximately 35.000 inhabitants
Climate:mild "pampeano", with an average temperature between 5º c and 28º c.
Winds: aregular trade winds coming from the north-east, hot and wet, especially in the summer, and the typical winds of our province such as "pampero", "norte" (north) and "sudestada" (southeasterly wind).

How do i get there?

By Land
From Rosario, Buenos Aires and Córdoba, by state road 9 or any of the two entrances of the motorway Rosario - Córdoba (pringles street or Provincial Road nº 91)
By Rail: Thirteen years later the service is resumed between Rosario, Córdoba and buenos aires.

By Air / International Airport
Cañada de Gómez is located 40 kilometres away from Fisherton International Airport, near Rosario. Aero Club Cañada de Gómez (state road nº 9, km 374). Its runway, with night signposting, allows the arrival of small planes of any kind. Services to all parts of the country and bordering states are provided.

Argentinian currency:

Argentinian currency is peso.
Notes: $2, $5, $10, $20 and$100

Coins: of $1, $0,50, $0,25, $0,10 and $0,05.